Friday, June 24, 2011

Throwing the Rainbow

Oh, my goodness, bean bags have been quite the plaything around here of late. After close to an entire lifetime of being fairly uninterested in tossing and catching games, the girls are both now just about obsessed. Syd likes straight catch, but Will is in love with the "pop fly game," in which I toss a bean bag high, high, high up for her. However, she has her own particular take on the skill, preferring to crouch like an animal as I toss it, then spring up for the (hopeful) grab.

Since I like to include a couple of play shots with the still life shots in my etsy listings, I combined a game of pop flies with a photo shoot for the rainbow bean bag set now up in my pumpkinbear etsy shop. Yeah, "catching" a good shot of a good pop fly catch...
Tricky, a bit. Fortunately, I try to keep my focus at least as much on the child-centered process as I do on the child-centered product (not saying I'm perfect at that, every day, every hour, but I try), so a tricky photo shoot that involves a little girl thrilled to be leaping up to catch tossed bean bags for an hour at a time is an okay photo shoot in my book.

Here are the other photos in the rainbow bean bag listing, some more sedate, one not so much:

How lucky we are that so much of our work is just as pleasant as this.


Tina said...

Those are great! I love all the action shots. I haven't tried making bean bags yet but I know quite a few kids (my daughter included) that would love them. And I do believe there are a few birthday's coming up...

Stephanie said...

So so pretty and sweet!


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