Sunday, June 26, 2011

Masterpieces of Art in Historical Context

Or rather, color print-outs of artwork cut out, glued in the right(-ish) spot on our big basement timeline, and then painted over again with glitter Mod Podge:
After a brief foray into a library copy of the computer game Masterpiece Mansion, Willow decided that she wanted to learn more art history. All of our print-outs have so far come from The Worldwide Art Gallery, although this will also be a great subject to have in mind the next time that we attend one of those used book clearance sales that happen here pretty frequently--can't you imagine how perfect a five-cent used art history textbook would be for this project?

I still have much to do to figure out other points in an art history unit study, especially since Will has also asked to learn about Ancient Egypt, and we're still doing projects about China, dinosaurs, ballet, Independence Day, cooking, and geometry, but just from our brief study so far, Willow has already achieved the hallmark of cocktail party conversation material, in that she now has a favorite artist.

Hieronymus Bosch. Oh, dear.


Tina said...

I love the idea of gluing a time line to the wall. What do you do though if you have to move? Do you just start again?

Teresa Robeson said...

Cocktail conversation material...heh heh!

Hey, I've dropped off some fragrances at Cake's place, so I guess she'll be in touch with you to get together. :) Enjoy!

julie said...

Yay, fragrance--thanks!

Yeah, we'll just start again whenever we move, hopefully to another house that has at least as much white basement wall space. I'd like to start again, frankly, because I did not allot NEARLY enough room to the modern era--it's already getting crowded, and the girls are just five and six!