Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do Not Eat the Candy Corn

I know it looks delicious:
All white and orange and yummy:
It's true that crayons are non-toxic and all, but if you eat these--
--I'm pretty sure that your tummy would NOT be pleased:
You can check out my NON-EDIBLE candy corn crayons over at my pumpkinbear etsy shop.

And speaking of non-edible treats, my weekend post over at Crafting a Green World about sugar-free, eco-friendly Halloween treats has spawned a series of the meanest, most mean-hearted comments that I've gotten since I dared to declare that the tag "craftivism" shouldn't be tethered to one particular leaning. Apparently, I am stupid, all kids hate me, especially my own, and don't I know that all apples have razor blades hidden inside of them? If I wasn't making an effort to be all Power of Positive Thinking lately, I'd be deject that the mere possibility of a Halloween absent high fructose corn syrup and individual packaging could be met with such vicious negativity, but I AM making an effort to be all Power of Positive Thinking lately, so...

Yay, I'm getting so many comments on my blog post!

My opinions are out there in the webosphere, and the world has taken notice!

Next stop, Larry King Live!

And when I appear on his show, I will give him a festive Halloween pencil.

And maybe an apple.


Coccinelle said...

If I can cheer you up a little I agree perfectly with you with your sugar-free Halloween post. I did think that they tought us to throw away apples at school when I was a little but I agree 100% nonetheless!

Happy Halloween!

Kimberly said...

I don't know how far fetched this would be, but I think it would be SUPER awesome if you could hand out the candy corn crayons. It would probably be a metric crap ton of work, huh?

Lex can have a little candy, but it's so far and few between that we don't sweat it too much. But I can assure you that most of the candy he receives from T or T will go right to work with me so the grad students can eat it.

julie said...

I totally buy that kiddos are taught to throw away the apples they get trick-or-treating, and I just find it so troubling that healthy food and/or eco-friendly solutions always take the hit! One of my mom friends has her kiddo in a public school that they adore, but she did note that their birthday party class treats must all be packaged goods, like a parent cannot be trusted to make a wholesome, healthy food that isn't contaminated with e coli, but a huge food manufacturer IS? Or just bring Oreos!

And seriously--if you're going to poison a food, you can stick a sewing needle into a mini Three Musketeers WAY easier than you can stick one into an apple, and I bet it would even be concealed so much better.

I think I'm going to hand out some candy corn crayons at the girls' Halloween party--they're actually a bit of a challenge, because there is only ONE white crayon in a box, no matter how many other crayons there are, so you can only make so many novelty crayons that use white, sigh.

Malke said...

If it helps any, I handed out colored pencils and 'gold medals' this year. Practically everyone (except maybe the kids 9 and up, which there weren't a lot of) were thrilled, including the parents. I heard one shouting to friends "Good loot here!" :)


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