Monday, November 30, 2009

Just a Simple Photo of My Girls

The girls' Christmas cards (from their Kids Craft Weekly card swap) are in the mail right this minute, but the very last thing that we needed to do before sending them off was to take a photo of the girls to include with each card. Since neither girl is really up to writing a personal note in each card I thought it would be a nice way to bring them to life for these little recipients who have never met them--and I wanted to sneak in my blog's address, because you know how much I love attention.

I allotted two minutes right before it was time to walk out the door for school for this task--the girls are clean and dressed with hair and teeth brushed, and anyway, how long can it take to snap one decent, normal photo?The winner!
Now all that's left is managing the level of hysterical excitement until our own card swap cards start arriving in the mail.


Kimberly said...

Second row, middle pic was my fave!

Chanel said...

I actually like all 6 just as they are in a collage. I think that's brilliant. Playful and cute and a story in itself.

chihuahuasrock3 said...

Hey, I need a copy of "The Winner". I tried to save it to get a copy of it, but it was too grainy. Can you email me a copy that wouldn't be grainy. I need it desperately in the next day or two. Please....

julie said...

I do like the mosaic, too, and the pic in which they were being "scary monsters"--much more in line with their true personalities!

Yeah, stuff on the web is 72 dpi, which looks good on your screen, which is also 72 dpi, but wouldn't look good on print. I'll upload a 300 dpi one to my slashtmp and send you a link.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...I like those first 2 myself! ;)

Lisa said...

Hi Julie,
We just got your card from the card swap in the mail. Our girls are 4 and 5 and have been so excited for each and every card that we have received. Thanks for the card. Your girls are very cute! Wish you guys a Merry Christmas!

Lisa Koory and family

Wendy said...

We received your Christmas card in the post today from the card swap. My daughter is nearly 3 and has loved opening the cards and especially seeing pictures of the other kids that have made them! Also love your blogspot!
Merry Christmas to you all from Sunny Australia


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