Monday, February 23, 2009

Where our Hearts Reside

Quite a while ago I found some Scrabble Anagram tiles and so I made words out of them, then glued magnets onto the back for refrigerator magnets. Yesterday, Willow was playing with them, trying to find words she recognized and arranging them into patterns. She'd call out, "How do you spell 'Matt'?" and I'd shout back and a few seconds later she'd say, "Oh, there it is!" Then I'd hear, "How do you spell 'Julie'?" and I'd shout back and then I'd hear, "Oh, there it is!"

She asked for her own name, too, which is silly because she can spell it, and she asked for Sydney's, and I was working on something of my own and so I was a little distracted and just shouted out the proper spelling and heard her say, "Oh, there it is!"

It wasn't until later that I remembered that I'd never actually found all the letters to make her name and Sydney's name into magnets, and I was glad that she hadn't come to me disappointed, but when I went into the kitchen later this is what I saw on the refrigerator:
Of course. Clever girl, she found just the right word for herself and her sister, and she put it in just the right place, too.


Anonymous said...

Your girl is a genius!?!

I mean heart is not exactly the easiest word to spell right, right?


kimberly-327 said...

So. freaking. cute.

Abby said...

so, so very sweet.

cake said...

very touching.

we'll head over to the red slide in the morning.

cake said...

we love our pins! what fun! cosmo and i left a note on your lamp post this morning.

julie said...

Y'all are so sweet! I try to remember moments like that one when I take my eyes off of Willow for about a second to pull Sydney off a statue in the art museum and then turn around to find Willow, I swear to god, leaning in to LICK a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

Dear god in heaven, we were back in our car ten minutes later.


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