Saturday, February 21, 2009

Now We Have Button Eyes

I've been a fan of Neil Gaiman since my undergrad days (see this ode to Sandman that I sold on my pumpkinbear etsy shop a while ago?)-- --and when I was studying for my Master's in Library Science and took a class in children's literature, I developed an appreciation for his children's books, too (although I'm pretty sure that they're completely inappropriate for children-- --

Anyway, Coraline is awesome. And creepy. With a kid who is just the way I was as a kid (also creepy). And the Other Mother? Her eyes?

Are buttons.

Crafty, right? And creepy-crafty, which is even better than crafty.

So even though Matt and I likely won't see the movie version until it's out on Netflix (and he has to read the book first, which is my one inflexible rule about that whole movie/book business), I was goofing around on the Coraline movie web site early this morning (I was supposed to be doing some etsy stuff, but there you go), and guess what I made?In the Other Mother's Workshop you can upload a photo into a frame and the photo's all antique-y and scratchy, and then you can choose from a whole bunch of buttons to make your loved ones look creepy. The cat looks creepy:And the baby looks really, really creepy:Now if you could just add some creepy crochet hair, we'd be all set.


Teresa R said...

I had the book for years and never read it (embarrassingly enough, I didn't even realize Neil Gaiman wrote it).

We won't be seeing the movie, either, until we can get it from Netflix, but I've been following all the hubbub through Gaiman's Tweets. Think I'll skip the button eyes creations...brrrr

julie said...

No way! Well, you saved yourself some nightmares, at least.

The Coraline Web site is actually super-cool, creepy button eyes aside. I also really like the game in which you can build yourself a crazy-goth flower--your kids are way beyond this, but it's a nice circular symmetry exercise.


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