Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Inspiration, but Ornamentation

You've probably heard about the inspiration wire--a wire, with clips, near your creative space, upon which you can hang small objects that inspire you. I'm pretty sure SouleMama thought of it first, but feel free to disagree.

I don't personally right this minute really find myself in need of more inspiration, since I spend all day and a lot of the night running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to bring to fruition some of the ideas I've already got, thank you very much, but I do like the idea of a wire.

With clips.

Near your couch.

Upon which you can hang small objects that look pretty.

My invention? The ornament wire:
After much fussing and feuding (Why does the man with the hammer feel that he can offer suggestions? He is clearly there solely to wield the hammer), Matt tacked about eleven feet of jewelry chain (bought on clearance at Joann's months ago) into swag-shapes on the underside of the living room bookshelves. I attached some little clips on hooks (Where, oh where, can I find more clips on hooks?) to some of the links, clipped up some of my Valentines, and--festive!
I'm pretty excited about how we can change the ornaments out whenever we want, and I especially like the swagged chain instead of strung wire, because I think the swags will add more vertical dimension and hooking a clip through an individual chain link will keep my things exactly where I want them.
In other news, I have been so weirdly stressed and twitchy all day. I blame it on Matt, obviously--last night my coughing (I have a nasty cold) was keeping both of us awake, so Matt offered me some medicine. I had just a terrible night's sleep after that--waking up every hour, exhausted but unable to get back to sleep, antsy dreams whenever I did doze--and as I was telling Matt this, he's all, "Hmmm...what color were the pills I gave you last night? Cause the green ones are Nyquil, but the blue ones might be non-drowsy Sudafed."
Thanks, dear.


Anonymous said...

The ornamental wire idea is brilliant!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

cake said...

i know what you mean about not needing inspiration. about having way too many ideas and not enough time to make them. still though, sometimes i find some idea in a magazine, or blog or something, and become so inspired, that i have to drop everything and make it, even though i have a bunch of other stuff queued up...

i made one of these wires to hang cosmo's art work up in his room. i don't have those cool clips (the only place i know to get those is IKEA, which we don't have in this town. i am sure there are other places to find them though), i just used mini clothes pins for mine.

great photos (and valentines!).


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