Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heart Handmade: Paper Edition

It was a freak accident--Matt's carrying Willow out to the car for school, and somehow he manages to bend her arm back and catch it in the screen door. The man is oblivious on account of he has no ovaries, and so he's all, "Willow, let go of the door and come on!" and I'm all, "AHHHHHH!!! You're killing the baby!"

Yeah, she's totally fine, but since her arm was all red and scratched, and since it was already ten minutes past time for school to start, AND since she was totally going to show up with a tear-stained face and red arm and tell everyone that Daddy hurt her because she was acting naughty, I decided to have Will ditch school for the day--juvenile delinquency starts so young, and is an obvious result of parental abuse.

So even though this was my To-Do list for the day--
  1. Buy hot glue.
  2. Figure out the serger.
  3. Blanket binding post for Crafting a Green World.
  4. Post to Etsy teams.
  5. List record bowl/album cover Valentine on my pumpkinbear etsy shop.
  6. Make banana bread.

--instead the day went more like this----and this: I'll write more about that latter photo later, but let me just say--Plaster of Paris? Rules the World.

I'm getting pretty close to finishing my Valentines for the Valentines Classroom Card Exchange swap over at Craftster: I'm a little disappointed in myself in that I had wanted them to be entirely recycled, and they're not--there's obviously some stash scrapbook paper in there, and the tinsel was on Christmas clearance. I'm also having a little trouble finding recycled materials to fit my theme--I started using scrapbook paper because I ran out of sheet music of love songs, and I made a bunch of handmade envelopes for the Valentines, and they look cool and all, but they're from maps. Not so much of the love in a map, maybe. But since I'm a newbie at papercrafting, this is a good start for me. It takes a while to learn to suss out the possibilities of unconventional materials for your craft.

Here are the two beautiful handmade Valentines I've received so far in my exchange: Awesome, right? And I'm still going to get something like 21 more!

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