Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Illustrations Re-Illustrated

Earlier this week Willow had the grand idea to make a list of every book she and Sydney own--this mostly served as an excuse to drag all the books off their shelves and stack them on the floor in milk crates that were VERY unpleasant to walk into in the dark, at 3:30 am, on the way from the bathroom.

This morning, however, we finally got down to the meat of the project: While I sat with my computer and typed in the title and author of each book, Sydney sat on the floor and recited every single one as she paged through it----and Willow worked on the equally ambitious project of copying the front cover illustrations of selected books.

Here, for instance, is the cover of Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
: And here is Willow's copy:Here is the cover of Discovering Brachiosaurus (Dinosaur Digs)
And here is Willow's copy: And here is the cover of The Little Engine That Could mini
: And here is Willow's copy:
So, not counting their activity/workbooks, their magazines, their crafts books (which are in the study), their chapter books for being read to at bedtime, their board books, or their longer nonfiction books (which are in the basement playroom), the girls have about 130 books.
Is that a weird number? Too extravagent? Too stingy?
I would love to administer a nation-wide survey entitled "How Many Books Does Your Kid Own?"


melanie said...

I really like Will's interpretation of the dinosaur picture. Wow.

cake said...

willow's drawings knock my socks off!

i wanna go count cosmo's books right now. what a fun project!

julie said...

Count them. And arrange them by subject. And make label stickers for them. And alphabetize them.

Welcome to my dream world.


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