Friday, February 6, 2009

The Handmade Valentine Sweat Shoppe Continues

Along with mopping the floor, and baking veggie eggrolls, and doing yet ANOTHER cardio workout with
(Maya is so proud of my commitment this week that she added Desert Sanctuary AND the Latin soundtrack to my workout options), and writing my book, and trying to figure out how to make a cloth grocery sack that looks and behaves exactly like a paper grocery sack, the girls and I spent a while mellowing out making Valentines.

Big girls made Valentines:Small girls made Valentines: And, of course, Momma made an entire sweat shoppe full of Valentines. Out of all my comic book Valentines--Iron Man, X-Men, G.I. Joe, Spiderman, etc.--my favorite, by far, is Wonder Woman:
I tell you what, that lady's got class. Am I right or am I right?

I also like the comic book Valentines on Chris' Invincible Super-Blog. And my book? On every single page, I mention at least two of the following three things: comic books, romance novels, and dinosaurs.

Have I got talent or what?


cake said...

i love the comic valentines.

also, though i have never seen you post a "meme," i tagged you for one, because i knew you'd have an interesting photo to share, and i wanted to see it.

julie said...

Ooh, I'll go check it out!

I'm now completely obsessed with comic books, mostly because I've had my hands in them so much.

Matt is thrilled, and he keeps giving me these old canonical works to read--like Superman's Silver Age, or early Batman, or the original X-Men.

He also keeps trying to have me read more contemporary comics, but I'll be reading, like, some police force superhero comic, and then suddenly some guy is tossing baby chicks in a blender.

Or I'll be rocking a zombie comic (you know me and zombies), and all of a sudden the human characters meet up with some other humans, and there's a pages-long rape/torture scene.

WTF, you know? I'll take Superman acting like a dick over that any day.

cake said...

i am a freak for comics. i never have read any of those super hero comics, but i also know what you mean about the risks you take with "contemporary, adult comics," or graphic novels.

i have a small collection of that sort of work, but it is carefully selected, so as to avoid creepy psycho violence. in fact, i did my master's thesis (in architecture) on a comic book by Debbie Dreschler. she's my hero.

enjoy your new-found obsession.


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