Friday, July 25, 2008

The Fair, It was Fun

It was another fine day at the fair. I actually made Matt work through lunch so he could get off early, we could pick up my friend Betsy, and all get over to the fair in time for this: Oh, freakin' yeah, it's a children's pedal tractor pull! And here's my little puller, with her Children's Pedal Tractor Pull PARTICIPATION RIBBON!!!!!
She's carried that ribbon around all day today, occasionally saying things like, "Momma, if we're outside and the postman comes, I can show him my ribbon!" or "Let's glue my ribbon to some cardboard and hang it on the wall." When little kids are proud of awesome stuff they've done, it's the best.

Matt is a terrific and patient dad who is great at hauling little kids onto carnival rides, waving animatedly every time they pass him on the ride, and then hauling them off the ride and over to stand in line for another ride, so Betsy and I snuck off for just a little bit to moon over more local work down in the Community Building. We looked mostly at our respective interests, crochet...

and quilting...

...but we also hung out for quite a while in the 4H building. The kiddos in 4H do this glamour-shot kind of thing in which they pose in all their different guises for this series of studio photos--one kid will pose in his football uniform, then in another shot with all his fair ribbons, then with his rabbit, then with his violin, etc. It was pretty awesome.

The highlight for the girls, though, was obviously the rides. They went on every single kiddie ride there. On the Crazy Bus...
..this big schoolbus on hydraulics that goes up and over and down, I swear to God just as the thing got some height on it, one of the freaking doors popped open and this kid almost fell out. The carnie made it come back down, closed the door, and off they go again. On the roller coaster...

...the carnie advised me to put Sydney not in the first seat, which was what I was lifting her into, but the second, because in the first seat, "I betcha she'll fall out." Seriously, how awesome can the county fair get? (Pretend not to notice how you can totally see that Sydney's armband is safety-pinned on, because Matt and I cut one armband in half to put on both girls. Have I ever mentioned to you that we're poor?)

Whew! And tomorrow, BIG JUMP-HOUSE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! I'm so excited, here's a county fair self-portrait:

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