Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vinyl, Vinyl Everywhere

It's weird, because I am all about the natural materials, but for some reason this week has been all about vinyl. Well, it's also been about this and this:
and this:

but it's also been about vinyl.

I received some awesome advice from I don't even remember who that if you have a bunch of stuff to post on etsy, it's better to post one thing every day for however long than to post everything all the same day. That's because the default search listing is by list date--most recent postings show up first. So, posting more often keeps you more relevant in the searches, which leads to more links to your web shop, which leads to... well, nothing substantial yet, in my case, but I do have a ton more hearts than I did before I started this. So instead of posting all my record bowls over the weekend, on Monday I posted this:

On Tuesday I posted this: And on Wednesday I posted this:

I also received my very excessive yet happy fabric order from Distinctive Fabrics this week, so I took some time out from the craft fair sweat shop I usually run while Sydney naps to turn this:

into this:

It's blue glitter vinyl, y'all! I love, love, love it! And in my most attuned decorating sense, it's okay to put in the living room because the living room walls are blue--the living room is the blue room. While I took a break from the vinyl to sit on the couch and eat something (my favorite activity), Willow created this with the backside of the vinyl:

Happy face.

The blue glitter vinyl is inspirational, people. The blue glitter vinyl makes me dream. So when Matt told me his idea that I should make some fatty stegosauruses from materials other than felted wool sweaters, my thoughts ran to BLUE GLITTER VINYL! Off and on all day, in between chasing kids and cats and cleaning up after kids and cats and speaking patiently to kids and cats while screaming my head off at kids and cats only inside my head, I cut out and sewed together this utter masterpiece of blue glitter vinyl fatty stegosaurus-ness:

This is rough, of course--I still need to trim it and stuff it and sew the ends up, etc., but still--awesome? Awesome.


meg said...

making a soft toy out of vinyl? damn!

julie said...

Not so much of the softness, sure, but much of the wiping-it-off-with-a-wet-cloth-after-the-kid-spills-yogurt-all-over-it-ness.


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