Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dinosaurs on Film!

It's only 2:30 and so far:

  1. Since Sydney now has the high fever that tormented Willow this weekend, we didn't go to storytime at the local library this morning, and so while Sydney napped fitfully in the other room, Willow and I worked on the dinosaur quilt for her mid-July birthday. This consists mostly of looking at all the dino T-shirt panels and dino fabric we've collected, re-stacking and re-sorting them--she's not even four years old yet, and Willow already knows the best part of sewing. We did make a plan, however. Here is Willow's concept sketch of the plan:
It really is a pretty accurate sketch: basically, we decided that each T-shirt panel would be surrounded by a wide border of printed fabric. I'd like the border to have the pattern match perfectly on all sides and to be pretty seamless, like a picture frame, so instead of piecing it around the panel in strips, I'm trying to figure out how cutting out the whole border as one piece and then piecing it to the T-shirt panel center would work. I like that idea because cutting the fabric would leave me, then, with a piece of printed fabric the size of the T-shirt panel, and I might have enough fabric left over to do a small quilt of just printed dino fabrics.

2. After Sydney wakes up howling and we nurse, have snacks, read books, have more snacks, spill some milk, do some laundry, eat watermelon outside, read another book, and I bully Willow into getting dressed (I may have raised my voice just a smidge, but honestly--what did she do with her toothbrush? We never did find it!) so Matt can come get her, he takes her to school and then puts Sydney down for a nap while I eat some Minute Rice and read some more of this awesome blog I discovered the other day. The author takes beautiful photographs, makes awesome recycled sweater creatures like I'm learning how to do, and is a self-taught seamster, as well. Her blog entry on the Simplicity 3835 shirt pattern actually sent me to ebay to bid on one for myself. If I win it, it will be my very first pattern ever, so don't snipe me, y'all, because I swear I always get sniped.

3. After I finish my lunch (it was actually pretty gross, so yay, calorie deficit!), I spend an episode of Friday Night Lights on nbc.com finishing up a super-large item for my Craft for My Kids swap. I'm almost finished, with maybe one or two smallish-mediums or large-ish smalls to make for my partner's little girlie.

4. I go in to nurse Sydney back to sleep (Matt has gotten me into Superman, oddly enough, so I'm working my way through the Superman in the Sixties collection. It is so weird), then creeeep out, holding my breath, and actually have time to finish tweaking and printing the dino photos I'm going to put in the girls' downstairs bathroom. This is Sue, from the Chicago Field Museum:
These are some of the girls' dino toys. One night Willow and I got down her Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals (Smithsonian Handbooks) (gift alert: the girls totally need all these Smithsonian Handbooks) and she actually found the right picture for each of these dinosaurs and spelled their names for me so I could label their bellies with a Sharpie. This here is a velociraptor up front, and possibly a pachycephalosaurus behind it:Here are some of the other toys menacing the protoceratops:4. And now it's 3:00, Sydney is now sitting on my lap pestering me while I finish up, and we're about to go get Willow from school. We can't go to the YMCA like we usually do because of Sydney's fever, we can't go to Sam's even though we need cookie dough for my last day of class tomorrow because my wallet is MIA, so if we're lucky we'll get invited to hang out with another mom and gossip while the kids run around and get dirty, and if not we'll come home and rock the Bryan Park playground, and if those are our choices for spending the afternoon, then that probably just makes us pretty lucky in general.

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