Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Cooking with Teenagers: Mochi Ice Cream


These mochi ice cream balls did not turn out to be delicious, but since the whole point of Cooking with Teenagers--for me, at least!--is spending time with my kids, none of us bickering, it was a successful endeavor, nevertheless.

Not delicious, though!

Mochi is one of the recipes from Cook Anime that I'd been wanting to try, along with the Royal Milk Tea (haven't made it yet) and the Matcha Ice Cream (SOOOOO gross, but Will admitted that she *might* have forgotten the sugar, so we need to try that one again). The recipe for mochi is super simple, although it does call for one perhaps difficult to obtain ingredient:

With that on hand, however, all you have to do is mix and microwave and mix some more!

It took a couple of tries to get the consistency correct, and we made another mistake of sprinkling more flour onto the mochi dough to roll it out, because it was SOOOO sticky. What we were supposed to do was wet our hands and rolling pin, and if we'd done that we might have avoided the raw flour taste of the mochi, which I bet comes from adding in so much... raw flour, d'oh.

Regardless, we refrigerated our sticky dough, then cut it into circles, added scoops of ice cream--

--and pinched the dough around the ice cream:

Let it freeze some more and you're done!

Our mochi ice cream ended up looking not unlike store-bought mochi ice cream--

--but its overall taste is not delicious.

Ah, well... the adventure may not have been successful, but the real treasure was the friendships that we made along the way!

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