Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Cooking with Teenagers: Cloud Bread

 Your teenager has discovered angel food cake, only she calls it "cloud bread." 

And where did all the teenagers find out about angel food cake?

Tiktok, of course!

There are billion iterations of this recipe, all heavily borrowed (ahem) from each other, so I don't know which teenager was the first to post the recipe, but I'm pretty sure it was a teenager because they didn't put in any cream of tartar.

Teenagers rarely understand the point of cream of tartar.

Cloud bread is actually healthier than angel cake, as well, with no flour and quite a bit less sugar, although the sugar part may just reflect the fact that you're only using three egg whites, instead of the twelve that angel cake recipes usually call for. But egg whites and sugar... I mean, that's healthier than a lot of packaged breakfast foods! And I'm always nagging Syd to eat more protein, anyway, so cloud bread is basically the perfect food for her.

Syd and I also like the fact that it only takes a few minutes to make and get into the oven, and the way that you can spice and dye it any color you like. Here are a couple of different batches we've made recently:

Whipping the egg whites!

We use tapioca starch instead of corn starch in our recipes. I don't know why I got on that kick or if it's any better for you or the environment (for all I know, maybe it's worse for you!), but it works the same and it's, like, a tiny bit less Number 2 Field Corn in your system, so there you go.

Scraping it onto parchment paper

It's a lot tougher than you'd think to make it look smooth and loaf-like.

And look how soft and fluffy it turns out!

We were going for Christmas green with this batch. I don't think we nailed it...

It's sweet and light, a tiny bit sticky but still suitable for pulling off a bit and eating it out of hand. It does deflate a bit when cool (*cough, cough* needs cream of tartar *cough*), but since it's made from just three egg whites and some sugar, there's no need to leave any servings long enough to deflate.

Here's what else my teenagers and I cook together!

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