Thursday, April 8, 2021

On the Sculpture Trails

A few weeks ago, I had the idea to compile all of my random and many must-dos of Indiana into a single Google Map. Not that we're actually visiting any of those scattered museums and doughnut shops and used bookstores and historic homes right now, sigh. But soon, hopefully!

And if nothing else, also putting all the state parks and locations of interesting waterfalls and public caves and land preserves on the map has helped me be more creative when figuring out spots for family hikes. 

That's how we ended up at Sculpture Trails on the most beautiful day of last week. It's absolutely absurd that this was the first time I'd ever been there, as not only is it nonsensically close to where I live, but the kids and I used to carve scratch blocks for their aluminum pours back when they'd hold them at our local hands-on science museum almost a decade ago. So the fact that it took 13 months of a global pandemic to get me there is a little bit bonkers. Thank goodness for my hand-keyed Google map, I guess!

I was too excited at being out and about with family and friends to think any interesting thoughts while I was there, so instead here are all the photos I was delighted to take out there in the sunshine:

Because ultimately, everything is really all about me, I'm now feeling like my property needs more lawn art! Like, maybe not cast iron sculptures, but I could totally DIY something like this out of plywood and spray paint, right? Wouldn't it look lovely in my woods, perhaps just barely visible from the drive-in but only if the light is right and you happen to be standing in just the perfect spot?

Is there a line between "outdoor art installation" and "Dang, that lady's yard is tacky!", and if so, how does one come down on the correct side of that line...

...or even decide WHICH side is the correct one, lol?

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