Sunday, January 3, 2021

How Much Foaming Soap Can One Reasonably Have, and Why Do I Keep Wanting to Do Hipster Things with Mason Jars?

I made a few new batches of DIY foaming soap, and I'm so pleased that I took that break from eating cookies, drinking eggnog spiced with rum, and working crossword puzzles that I had to photograph my glowing accomplishment!

Don't let's talk about the facts that 1) making said batches of soap took less than five minutes, and 2) I've nevertheless been putting the chore off since late November.

About the time of year that I baked the holiday season's first batch of sugar cookies... Coincidence, I'm sure.

These Mason jar foaming soap dispenser lids are still working great, and because I'm currently obsessed with consumer math I did the calculations to figure out I'm using approximately $1.29 worth of Dr. Bronner's soap in that pint Mason jar. I'd be spending $3.50 more to buy that same amount of Method foaming soap, times the three sinks in our house, so I suppose that's more than worth the less than five minutes that it takes to make a few new batches of homemade foaming soap every few weeks!

I mean, at least for me. Do y'all get excited about saving $10.50 on soap, or is that weird?

Speaking of things that I shouldn't get excited about, please tell me that I do NOT need the following products that I also want to make from Mason jars:

I mean, we use a spoon for honey, nobody's making more lemonade or cocktails than we can drink in one sitting (if you've never made this strawberry lemonade before, go make it and then reassure me that your family, too, emptied the blender within minutes), and I'm sure not INFUSING anything, but... Mason jars!

Honestly, though, considering we drink out of our Mason jars as well as use them for food storage, all our Mason jars already have jobs and don't even really need to be turned into syrup infusers or more foaming soap dispensers. What I REALLY need are attachments that will allow me to turn vintage soda bottles into useful stuff. Let me know if you see THAT unicorn out in the real world!

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