Sunday, December 15, 2019

I Made our Dry Erase-Boards Look Like New, Because of Course I Did

We haven't used much of these little dry-erase boards lately, but for much of a decade we used them constantly:

Here's Syd learning how to read in 2013. Look at how clean that dry-erase board is!
Here we are playing Compound Sentences against Humanity in 2015.
Here's Will writing a letter to Uncle Mac in 2012. He's since died, which is almost the worst thing that has ever happened, and I'm so pleased that I have a picture of this letter to him.
Here the kids are learning how to square binomials in 2017. Look at how dirty that dry-erase board is!
As of last week, then, our dry-erase boards looked like this:

It took rubbing alcohol, a soft cloth, and about five minutes to turn both dry-erase boards back into this:

Doesn't that make you just sigh a happy sigh?

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