Friday, May 10, 2019

Lucky Number Thirteen

My tiny dancer isn't so tiny anymore:

Syd at almost six.
Syd at almost thirteen.

 In fact, she's now my brave, beautiful teenage ballerina!

Syd at two and a half.

She's growing by leaps and bounds:

Syd at ten.

Syd at twelve years and 364 days.
She's still a sweet sister:

Syd at 22 months and Will at 3.

Syd at almost thirteen and Will at fourteen.
And very much still her daddy's little girl:

Syd at seven and Will at nine.

But she's most definitely still definitely my baby:

Syd at one.

I'm not sure how I got so lucky with these two:

Syd at four and Will at six.

It's an honor to be this amazing kid's parent.

Syd on her eighth birthday.

Syd on her fifth birthday
Syd on her thirteenth birthday

Here's to another happy year!

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