Friday, January 29, 2016

Rock Climbers

We have gone three times in the past three weeks, and we are in love:

And yes, I get to climb, too! Although on the field trip with our homeschool group I stuck to belaying all the children, on the field trip with my Girl Scout troop Matt was able to come, as well, so he and I could take turns belaying each other:

I HIGHLY recommend rock climbing. In fact, I can't believe that we haven't gone before this! It's great exercise, in that it's both accessible (no matter how out of shape you are, you can get at least a little way up the wall) and super-challenging, it's an excellent family bonding activity, it wears the kids out so that they sleep really well that night...

...and it's fun!


Tina said...


Rock climbing is a great physical and mental workout. Trying to figure out where your next move needs to be can be just as difficult as actually holding on to the wall.

Emma and I joined a rock climbing gym when we lived in Iowa. It was so freaking awesome! We ended up buying her a harness and shoes only to find out that Great Falls didn't have indoor climbing. The shoes probably don't fit anymore, but I think the harness does.

And I don't think there is anywhere to climb (indoors) here in the Lansing area either :0(

Rock climbing is also a fantastic confidence booster and yup, great for the entire family :0)

julie said...

Bummer that there's no indoor climbing in Lansing... yet. Have you seen the internet pics of people who turn their family rooms into rock walls? I suppose you're renting, but there's nothing that spackle won't cover!

Tina said...

We have seen those pictures! We talked about doing that in Iowa, but never had enough extra cash.
We actually bought a house! I really didn't want to move every year again, and I WANT CHICKENS!
The chicken planning starts this week...