Friday, December 4, 2015

Look at My Mosaic Light Switch Cover

LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You love it, right? I LOVE it. I am IN love with it.

I didn't make it, obviously. Syd helped me pick it out at a local craft fair from the bits&pieces booth. Its creator doesn't have an online presence, but you can see another sample of her work from another craft fair here--scroll down to find Linda Barnett.

These are the kinds of things that I love to buy at craft fairs. I can do most sewing projects, can figure out how to hack or DIY a lot of things myself, but pieces like these, pieces in which the crafter's artistry and expertise and 10,000x10,000 hours practicing her craft shine through, well, those are the pieces that I buy.

And then I start figuring that craft out for myself!

Well, not so much "figuring out" as playing with, I suppose--the kids and I have explored mosaic-making a fair amount, and while our pieces don't attain the artistry of my beautiful light switch cover, of course, mosaic-making is actually quite an accessible craft. Here are some of the mosaics that we've done:

This is a nice way to practice mosaic-making without having to worry about grout. If you'd like a larger color range, you can work with buttons instead.

Here's another one where you don't have to worry about grout, but using the little shells allows the mosaic to be more detailed and more of a test for one's fine motor skills.

This project gives you the finished look of a mosaic, but again without having to grout around tiles. Since you pour the concrete and then set the tiles, however, it is time sensitive, so I suggest first laying out the mosaic on a template, then simply transferring it, piece by piece, to the poured concrete in its mold.

Finally, here's a REAL mosaic project, grout and all! You can actually use any upcycled tile or sheet of wood as a base--our local Restore has LOADS of random tiles to be had on the cheap.

I have visions of more involved mosaic projects, but those are pretty far back on my to-do list. Right now I'm focused on finishing up our World War 2 study and helping Will master all of her spelling bee words, and the kids are focused on Geomags and Perler beads. Our December dance card is full!

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