Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Watercolor and Wood Burned Building Block Excess

The kids and I worked on this beautiful building block project for weeks. A commission from PlanToys, who gave us the building blocks, it asked that we do something to embellish and personalize them.

I couldn't think of anything more decorative, and more personalized, than custom-stained building blocks with the children's art wood burned on!

You can find the tutorial for the watercolor staining here, and the tutorial for the wood burning here, but the finished products were so beautiful that I'm afraid that I really indulged myself in taking photos, and ended up with far more than could possibly be put into posts that I'm being paid to write.

Good thing that I have this personal blog, then! I can indulge myself all I want here!
I don't make any bones about incorporating the children into my work; here, I've asked Syd to set up the photo shoot of the finished blocks for me.

Her ideas were wonderful!
Will drew both dragons, the fire, and the cat, and Syd drew the flower, clouds, and sun, and did much of the more experimental watercolor staining.
This is the royal couple, presenting the castle to the various sightseers. That's you!

Actually, here are some more sightseers. They traveled far to get here!
We've got a few more projects to do for PlanToys, including one just for our homeschool and one that's especially for Syd. I'll probably be working on these projects all autumn and well into winter, so stay tuned!


Stephanie said...

They're wonderful, Julie!
I'd take dozens of photos of them, too!
I like them so, so much.

julie said...

I think that next we're going to try etching them with our Dremel!