Monday, July 13, 2015

To the Blueberry Patch

Please forgive me, for the photos of this u-pick blueberry patch excursion are simply an excuse for me to show off the reversible sun hats that I just finished sewing for Syd, Will, and myself.

I used the reversible sun hat tutorial and pattern from Creativebug, and the small size worked fine for both kids. I made myself a size large, although I dialed back the brim size after I decided that it made me look like I was wearing an umbrella on my head.

Although I have a doleful amount of stash fabric, I let us each choose a new fabric for one side of the sunhat. Syd has My Little Pony:

I have Doctor Who:

And not only did this girl choose flowers (surprising me, as I'd figured she'd go for dinosaurs), but she also talked me into using the fabric for BOTH sides of the hat, utterly flouting my standard rule that all sewing projects must include some stash fabric somewhere:

Considering that this is the kid who didn't mind when I sewed ALL her winter pants from random, mismatched cuts of stash flannel, and that this is her birthday week, well...

Brand-new hat from brand-new-fabric it is!

Not a single blueberry that this kid picked made it into a bucket:

This kid did put some berries into the bucket:
Every year, a kid starts eating berries directly from the bush. It can't be sanitary for future guests...

Most of my berries made it into the bucket, at least, although I did take a lengthy nap break:

And, of course, we got our usual seasonal supply of tadpoles--

--and puddle stomping:

And now we have two cats, two betta fish, fifteen chickens, countless tadpoles, and several pounds of blueberries.

Yay, summer!


Tina said...

Those hats are super cute! And boy do I miss having a berry farm just minutes from my house. If I had known that moving to Montana would place us hundreds of miles from the closest berry farms, I'd have spent more time while we were in Iowa, picking all the fruit.

Happy birthday to Willow!

julie said...

Some people are even luckier than us--some people have STRAWBERRY FARMS near them! Can you imagine?!? We've got blueberries and apples... what other fruits have u-pick farms, I wonder?

Tina said...

If I remember correctly, the place in Iowa, called The Berry Patch Farm, had blackberries, currents, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, and cherries. They also sold some of the plants. We bought a raspberry and blueberry plant from them before we moved and planted them at my in-laws. A few years ago we dug up some of the raspberry shoots and brought them back to Montana with us. I thought I had killed them, but we managed to get some berries out of them before we moved. Blueberry and raspberry plants are fairly easy to care for and with all that space you have now...