Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Building Block Candle Holders

I've been brainstorming new crafts to add to my Pumpkin+Bear etsy shop, and now I'm experimenting with candle holders!

You can probably tell that I used our own candle holders, with our own monograms, as the examples in the photo, but the rest are to be drilled to order in either birthday candle, Waldorf ring candle, or taper candle sizes:

I like the look of the vintage blocks, and as candles come and go, they develop lovely layers of dripped wax to show evidence of their use:

If these work out, I've got more ideas for more types of candle holders--Waldorf rings, tree branch holders, pallet wood holders, and so on.

Now I just need to figure out candle holders that are either dinosaur- or chicken-shaped, and I'll be all set!

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