Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Latest: Flowers and Cardboard and Fish and Fruit

Happy Holiday Weekend! We are happily in the middle of our Memorial Day weekend over here, made perfect with plenty of fried egg sandwiches, reading, watching a capella videos on YouTube (seriously, check out the Vanderbilt Melodores. I may have to cosplay as that Sweater Weather dude at Gen Con next month), playing with the metal detector in the yard (you are not going to BELIEVE the stuff we found!!! I'll post on it later), watching movies at the drive-in, working in the yard, etc.

I still have a giant wholesale candle order to finish fulfilling, but somehow I've convinced myself this weekend that I should also make more bendy yarn, and try my hand at sewing myself a shirt (a first! I rarely sew for myself, which I have recently decided is silly, right?), and make bookmarks so that each of our home bookshelves can have a jar of them ready for reading. Now that I've done all that, what can I distract myself with today to avoid sewing 50 drawstring bags, cutting 350 4" wicks, and rolling 350 candles?

Painting a water cycle diagram on the rain barrel, probably. Shopping for milkweed seedlings. Sewing a grocery tote out of a bag that once held 50 pounds of kidney beans.

Related to none of those fun projects, here is a catch-up of all my latest posts over at Crafting a Green World. Click over to read them in full, and if any of the ads strike your fancy for also clicking on, well... ad revenue is the necessary evil behind how I get paid:

Wow, that was a LOT! I'm currently working on tutes that use chalk ink and tutes that use a blowtorch (squee!), tutes that involve my rain barrel, and tutes that involve play silks and Easter egg dye, so stay tuned!

P.S. Here I am on Facebook, where I sometimes post embarrassing photos and tell you about the weird things that the kids just said.


Tina said...

Wow, you have been busy! I feel pretty impressed with myself when I manage to feed myself and the kid these days.

julie said...

Well, to be fair, that was like a month's worth of paid writing, and I didn't get done half of what I said I'd do... other than the fried egg sandwich eating, metal detecting, and drive-in movie watching, that is. I did do a lot of that.

Oh, and I barely feed the kids. One day last week, Matt looked up at the dinner table and exclaimed, "Hey, we cooked dinner THREE DAYS this week!" That was also the last day that week that I cooked dinner...