Sunday, May 3, 2015

Find Me!

Did you know that although I post here and on Crafting a Green World a few times a week, I'm actually posting throughout the day, every day, over on Facebook and Pinterest?

It's crazy but true. I mean, I'm crazy, and it's true.
The fact is that I can't turn my brain off. Seriously, ask Matt--he'll tell you about the delights of attempting to have a nice conversation with me, when I ask his opinion on five different topics and then tell him all about a new project idea that I thought up while he was giving me his opinions and oh, where does he think that the new PVC pipe jungle gym for the kids should go? Because I've totally just decided that I'm going to make one.

So all day, every day, whenever I'm researching something online and I come across an interesting link or resource, I put it on Facebook, or I put it on Pinterest.

Eco-friendly crafts ideas and issues in craftivism go to the Crafting a Green World Facebook page.

Kid crafts, general crafts, and everything related to homeschooling goes on my Craft Knife Facebook page.

All relevant project ideas, tutorials, and homeschooling resources go on any one of my manically organized Pinterest boards.

Facebook is also fun, because sometimes I'll put up a photo of something that's happening right at the moment. The photo is invariably crap, because my camera phone is crap, but there you go.

And, of course, I want you to Like and Follow all these pages because I like hanging out with you, and I need you to patiently listen to all my millions of project ideas and plans so that my husband doesn't always have to.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I put the link to that PVC pipe jungle gym up on my Facebook page. So if you were already following my page, you could have already made that jungle gym!

If you did, post a picture. I need it as evidence that a PVC pipe jungle gym will actually work.

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