Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Latest: Knitting and the Rain

Although I didn't put any tutes up on CAGW this week, I actually ended up doing a lot of crafting. The kids and I have become obsessed with Perler beads, for one thing, and have spent every afternoon this week slouched over the big table in the family room, testing our eyesight and practicing our fine motor skills. I've also been playing with a blowtorch that I was given to review, and I've found a LOT of things that I can ruin with a blowtorch (there's a concrete block on top of a table outside that is the scene of a game that the kids and I play called "Will it melt/burn/explode?"). And now that the snow on our property has melted, I've been doing a ton more scavenging and finding lots of interesting objects to use in future projects--a hand-forged latch, perhaps for a garden gate? MANY limestone blocks, also for gardens. And I found a bunch of insulators lying abandoned around a double circuit steel pole power line at the very back of our property--these are going to be a garden border, I think.

And with that, you can probably tell what activity I'm going to be focused on next week!

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