Friday, February 6, 2015

A Recipe for Children's Perfume (and Bubble Bath!)

Syd LOOOOOOOVES to make "children's perfume":

As you can see, it's really just a combination of flavored extracts and water, with funnels and REAL little bottles--the cute little glass bottles are very important, I'm told--and labels written on (Sydney's Vanilla Cupcake Perfume, etc.).

I actually don't own a ton of extracts--basically just vanilla, peppermint, and almond--so poor Syd's perfume recipes are limited, but if your kid was super into it, or if you wanted to let kids make perfume at a party, there are actually a ton of flavors. I wouldn't say no to some homemade orange/chocolate perfume, myself.

To make bubble bath instead of perfume, Syd says that you should use soap (we use Dr. Bronner's liquid soap) instead of water to mix with the extracts. 

This particular photo is from a few months ago, so I can also tell you that this stuff lasts, as I just emptied out a bottle that I recognize from this batch a couple of days ago, in a mass commandeering of all the little bottles so that I can make more alcohol ink

Because in this month, when I've got 700 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my house and am running three different cookie booths for my troop, and am creating and sewing TWO Trashion/Refashion Show garments out of patterns that I still need to make, I also absolutely need to be thinking about how to make a faux stained glass TARDIS using picture frame glass, dyed school glue, and homemade alcohol ink.

I mean, right?


Tina said...

It's only too much when none of it gets done ;0)

Love the bubble bath idea. We picked up some of the Dr. B's peppermint soap. I bet I have something that I could mix with that for a fun bubble bath for Emma.

julie said...

I am definitely at that point right now! I did NOT expect to get this deep down the Girl Scout cookie rabbit hole; I've basically given up on even starting the kids' Trashion/Refashion Show garments until after our Kroger's booth on Valentine's day, it's that bad.

Robert said...

In most people's water, Dr. Bronner's doesn't work for bubble bath.