Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Latest: Glass from our Private Dump, and the World is Ending

My latest freelance pieces include:

I have mixed feelings about the 1950s/1960s-era dump site that exists at the very back of our property; on the one hand, it's gross and probably quite dangerous--

--but on the other hand, we find such odd and wonderful treasures!

Mind you, most of those odd and wonderful treasures get admired and then put into our trash bags anyway-- 

--but we do always find interesting unbroken bottles, enjoy our hike--

Yes, this cat always hikes with us. She's VERY attached to the children.
 --and make new discoveries about our property every single time we venture out:

When we're home, Will sorts the bottles for us--

These are keepers!

--so that she can sort out the interesting pieces of broken glass for herself:

She claims that she's going to make sea glass in her rock tumbler one of these days, but I suspect that she just really likes to pile broken glass bottles in a large plastic bin, set the whole thing on a tarp, don a pair of safety glasses, and smash everything up with a hammer.

It's quite relaxing, don't you know.

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