Friday, May 30, 2014

My Latest: Zombies and Your Old Sports Gear

To my delight, both kids adored their spring tennis classes. Although we're hopefully to move away from the beautiful park across the street, and its many tennis courts, soon, I'm nevertheless eagerly anticipating many, many more tennis games with the children in my imminent future. These classes that build real, useful skills, and contribute to the enjoyment of everyday life, are my favorite type of extracurricular. I hope that the kids' ability to ice skate well, ride horses safely and confidently, play softball and tennis (must add soccer and basketball to their skill set at some point), build a slab or coil pot, start a fire, turn a cartwheel, act in a play, and swim like fishes will help them to have very, very happy lives. 


Tina said...

We are working on the swimming like a fish at the moment as we seem to jinx every horse trainer that we train with. After only a few months with the latest one, she needs to get a 9-5 job for medical insurance. That means we MIGHT get some lessons in when she has spare time. Oh, and the cost is going up.

Sigh. I have a feeling life will be so much easier when we can have our own horses.

julie said...

Oh, NO! I never would have believed that it's so hard to find horseback riding programs in Montana. Keep fighting the fight!