Thursday, October 10, 2013

McCormick's Creek, and our New Spinal Cord

Whichever way you leave our town, you'll probably be passing a state park before too long.

That makes it awfully convenient, whether you're coming or going, to take a little detour, wave your parks pass, and play for an hour or two (or three. Or four...).

That's how, on our way back from the Exotic Feline Rescue Center last week, we passed right by the entrance to McCormick's Creek State Park, figured, "Well, while we're here...", and soon found ourselves hiking down to the waterfall:

The children SWEAR they spotted a beaver (although I'm pretty sure it was actually a groundhog), but they definitely found a spinal cord:

You know we took that bad boy home!

Of course, a state park is always a place to get your nerd on and do some learnin':
We are well-acquainted with our history as prehistoric inland sea, and the exact types of fossils that you do and don't find when you used to be one.

 We did some bird-watching (or not...)--

--and we found some!

Hmmm, should this count in our Year of Zoos?

I didn't bring enough food for a big cat tour AND a half-day of woodsin', so we hit the McCormick's Creek playground for a few minutes, then hauled back home for sandwiches and applesauce and veggies n' rice.

Next time: Wolf Cave, definitely. The Fire Tower. The Habitat Hike!

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Tina said...

What a fun day! We still have not learned much about where we are, though I know our location played a big role in the Louise and Clark expedition. Need to get on that!

Love the spinal cord! We found part of a (deer?) jaw bone on one of our recent hikes and, yes, it now is part of our collection.