Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Record Album Covers into Things that are Not Record Album Covers

Right now, on this peaceful Wednesday morning, I'm sitting at the table with two kids who are freaking out because in our summer hiatus from work plans, they seem to have forgotten that work that is not completed on Monday or Tuesday does not disappear from one's life, but instead reappears at the table for Wednesday morning "schoolwork boot camp," (yes, I do call it this, because I'm tacky), not to be set aside for other, perhaps more pleasurable, pursuits until it is completed.

The kiddos don't have tons to finish up, actually, but it's clearly going to take longer than it should, since Will's throwing a fit because I won't let her write cursive "d" incorrectly, and Syd's throwing a fit because she doesn't want to turn her brain on and skip count by 2s. Through the grace of a BIG mug of coffee and my belief in the work plan, I am keeping my temper quite miraculously. I'm clearly going to have time at the table this morning to get a lot of blog pages edited, emails answered, summer vacation researched, Netflix queues filled up, DVDs ripped, photo prints ordered, library books requested...


Tina said...

I have a feeling that's how next week is going to look for us. While hiding from mosquitoes in the truck (instead of hiking) while her Da went mountain biking, Emma and I hashed out a plan of what she would like to learn this school year. Animal classification is one of them and I am pretty excited about that.

Emma has started playing around with cursive, so maybe the girls can start the postcards back up and write to each other in cursive.

julie said...

Yay for cursive! We need to get your mailing address again, actually. Will you email it to me at jufinn [at] indiana [dot] edu?