Friday, September 20, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: T-shirts and a Contest (and Math)

In other news, our bathroom remodeling is taking a really, really, REALLY long time! Fortunately, our contractor for this project seems to be honest, and appears to be doing the work that he told us he'd do with the quality and skill that he told us he'd do it at (far unlike the kitchen remodeling debacle AND the basement finishing debacle of the past), but he is also possibly the slowest-working contractor on the planet. 

We are hopeless at this contractor-contracting thing. We clearly need more home DIY skills.

Fortunately, with a contractor who often doesn't show up until 11 am, and then who often leaves at 2 pm, or who shows up at 9 am and leaves at 11 am, or who doesn't show up until 4 pm and then leaves at 7 pm, the girls and I have been able to get more schoolwork done at home than I thought we would (of course, I thought we'd be long done with having to rearrange our schedule around the bathroom contractor, too...), but we're still spending loads of time at the park and the library focusing in on cursive and Math Mammoth. I'm actually really liking Math Mammoth a lot more than I thought I'd like a packaged curriculum--and I'd probably appreciate the hands-on components that suddenly require a child to wield a hot glue gun to create geometric solids--

--or measure household items with rulers if we were more easily at home to do them, but with LOTS of supplementation of my own activities, I'm actually strongly considering continuing Math Mammoth through this year. So far it's serving as an easy way to accelerate them on their grade-level basics so we can focus on STEM enrichment projects that may be working different mathematical skills.

Because, you know, that pinball pendulum and sound effects recording studio and mounted butterfly collection and DIY aerial silks rig won't build themselves!

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Tina said...

I rally can't wait to get back home from our travels so we can get some sort of structure going. I think Emma might be ready for a little, and I know I could really use some with my school work.

Off to check out the Math Mammoth!