Monday, September 23, 2013

My Kids Got into a Fight on Public Television

The Friday Zone is an excellent children's show that broadcasts from our local PBS station. Occasionally they need local kids to come in and help them with tapings, and it's something that mine have done once a year or so ever since they were first old enough to participate. Will was a "craft kid" in a couple of episodes at the ripe old age of seven, both Will and Syd performed improv comedy in practically an entire season of episodes last year:

Their segment starts at 17:05)

(Their segment starts at 22:05)

(Their segment starts at 6:05)

(Their segment starts at 17:50)

A discerning eye could probably see that Syd, although she enjoys herself mightily during these tapings, isn't exactly... cooperative. The improv comedian who was her partner in this skit was red-faced and breathless after performing with Sydney:

(Their segment starts at 10:30)

But that was a year ago, and when the call came out for participants again this year, and we thought that we'd skip aerial silks that week so that the girls could attend a couple of Friday Zone tapings, it never even occurred to me that Sydney might not behave. She behaved at three years of Trashion/Refashion shows! She behaved at two years of ballet recitals! She behaved (mostly, more or less) at three years of Spring Ice Shows!

Actually, those Spring Ice Shows might have offered a clue or two.

The firefighter episode went fine--

(Their segments are at 11:00 and 26:55)

And the next taping, with my acquaintance Malke's Math in Your Feet program, also started off really well. It's impossible not to be engaged by Math in Your Feet--it's active, whole-body, brain-stretching fun! But then the girls were asked to cooperate together on a simple task.

And Syd? Well, Syd has her own ideas about cooperation:

(Their segments start at 7:30, 15:30, and 26:35)

I'll tell you now that there was nothing that poor Will could have suggested that Syd would have gone for--in Syd's mind, a sister making a suggestion is a sister trying to gain the upper hand, and a full-out battle for dominance must then ensue.

Thank goodness for Malke's calming hand on Will's shoulder, because I didn't even see Syd punch Will from where I was sitting on the other side of the room, but I know from experience that when Will is punched, she generally punches back hard. Two seconds later, and they'd have been rolling on the floor in a cloud of dust.

And now I'm going to have to get them practicing trust falls, or send them both to Leadership Camp, or have them doing icebreakers and team-building exercises every morning before chores, if I want them to ever be able to be on any more TV shows other than reality shows or wrestling.


Tina said...

I'm not sure what to say, other than they'll out grow it?

I didn't like my sisters until we all moved out.

They are stinking cute though!

kirsten said...

can i just say that willow looks super adorable here? how cool to be on tv! my boy wants to be on FETCH so bad. too bad it's in boston... and competition would be fierce... and it may be cancelled? :)

julie said...

It would be AMAZING to be on FETCH! I always wanted to be on Zoom, myself. Nevermind the fact that I was too old for it, and never could figure out how to speak ubbee-dubbee.