Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Prismacolor Completist

Yes, this is crazy:

We really, REALLY like Prismacolor colored pencils and markers. Even though the girls and I, at least, aren't the professional artists that they're marketed to, we quickly stole for ourselves and rarely let Matt use the complete sets of each that we bought for him several holidays ago.

Well, they *used* to be complete sets...

The girls are reasonably careful about where they use our really quality art supplies, but they do get taken outside, they do get dropped, they do get forgotten mid-project and abandoned with caps left off markers, etc., and so our supplies have dwindled. Since we're going to be putting a special emphasis on art instruction this semester, however, and since Drawing With Children emphasizes quality art materials, I downloaded coloring pages of the complete sets of the Prismacolor markers and colored pencils, and then went through our stock, testing all the markers, sharpening all the colored pencils, recording each one on its page, and then re-purchasing the missing, too-short, or dried-out ones.

We've already got a great set of chalk pastels, we love our Crayola and Stockmar crayons, I need to re-stock the acrylic paints but Drawing with Children doesn't use them so it's not an emergency, and we've got plenty of cardstock and drawing paper and watercolor paper and Bristol board and newsprint.

I think we're all set!


Tina said...

Oh, excited to see what you crafty and creative ladies come up with! We have drawing with children, and we have looked through it a bit, but as we suck at structure, we didn't make it very far in the book.

We also love the Prismacolors. Might have to print out those charts and see what we've got.

julie said...

I'll warn you that the charts, as well as just navigating the Prismacolor site to get to the charts, is dangerous. I'm now pretty sure that we also need the complete set of brush-tip markers, and the charcoal pencils.

Tina said...

Thanks for the warning! I really want to make my own sun block, but I can't go on the websites to order the supplies because I just want to get one of everything.

Crafty sites would be even worse!