Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hamster Sitting

Meet China:

We are hamster-sitting this cute (and fat!) little dwarf hamster for a few weeks (and adding hamster classification, hamster anatomy, hamster care, the hamster life cycle, and hamster sketching from life to our summer animal biology study--mwa-ha-ha!).

And then--and this is my favorite part--after enjoying her and caring for her and feeding her pea pods and cereal (and listening to her run on her wheel all night and keeping her away from the cats), we get to give her back to her owner and once again live in a hamster-free house!

Pet-sitting is pretty great.


pam said...

I see the girls next Christmas present.

Tina said...


I love sneaking in the learning. Makes it less of a chore.

julie said...

*Slightly* less of a chore, the kids might say! They LOVED taking care of China, and took great care of her without any prompting from me, but man, that hamster was unfriendly! I've heard that dwarf hamsters aren't as friendly as regular hamsters, but frankly, I had a hamster as a kid, and I don't remember my Beauregard as being that friendly, either.

Pam, do NOT buy my kids a hamster for Christmas! Syd will be heartbroken if she doesn't get any Barbie crap from you, after that Barbie Dream House Birthday Present of the Century.