Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We also came home with ticks and tadpoles, you will not be surprised to hear.

The girls do not share my strategy of, you know, actually picking all the ripe berries off of one bush before moving on.
I think they picked about four blueberries from every single bush on the property. 3.5 of these blueberries were eaten immediately.
Blueberries only consistently made it into the bucket after their tummies were full.
The third child is such a dear friend of my kiddos. We had the pleasure of watching her taste her first blueberry!
With three big girls to help, I ended up with over thirty pounds (and seventy dollars, yikes!) of summer.
This girl will be nine tomorrow. I'm simultaneously overjoyed and heartbroken.


Tina said...

Thirty pounds! Awesome. We were spoiled in IA with a pick-your-own fruit farm 5 minutes from our house. Now, trying to find a fruit farm in the area is proving difficult. Rumor is a few people make the trip to Seattle (or other parts of Washington) to stock up on fresh picked fruit.

Nine. Wow. Happy Birthday Willow.

julie said...

It wasn't my intention to end up with even half that amount of blueberries, but I seriously underestimated the picking ability of the three big, sturdy kids with me. Every time I saw them they were running and playing amongst the rows, and so I was shocked when it was time to go and each kid presented me with a nearly full bucket to match my own.

I'm just glad I had enough cash on hand to pay for it!