Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finally, the Sun!

And it's about time! In the 13 years that I've lived in Indiana, this is the latest spring that I've ever experienced.

Clearly, then, in the 13 years that I've lived in Indiana, this is the spring that I've been cherishing the most. On the first really nice day of spring, just a handful of days ago, we meandered over to the park, as we often do, sleepwalking almost in our routine (as we perhaps often do), and it wasn't until we were there, under an actual SUN and an actual BLUE SKY, that we all three sort of stopped, came to ourselves, and started exclaiming "It's a really nice day today!"

You'd think that these children had never seen chalk before, as the job of making a sidewalk chalk fashion show runway quickly turned to making everything else in their imaginations:

It's so early in the season that I don't even have sidewalk chalk yet!

After that, there was a lot more running around like maniacs--

--plenty of rubbernecking of a random family (mom, dad, four-ish small kids) who were playing the most aggressive game of soccer that I have ever seen adults and children play together (Calling a four-year-old a cheater because he touched the ball with his hand? Nice job, Dad!), and, yes, plenty of just plain basking:

Now that it's actually sunny out, I've got to stop putting them facing the sun in order to take their pictures, poor kid!

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Tina said...

Weather seems to be crazy this year. We enjoyed 2 beautiful days in the 7ish that we spent in Texas. The first day was gorgeous, the day we drove to Dallas (and thus spent about 6 hours in the car) was gorgeous, and I have a feeling the day we left was turning out to be gorgeous. It's been cold and raining here in Iowa, with snow maybe tomorrow. Yuck. No matter where I am, I am ready for Spring!

Love the chalk drawings and Willow's braids :0)