Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: A DIY Restaurant Log and a Giveaway!

I try to pretend that I'm sick of going to the same restaurant and ordering the same take-out pizza all the time, but really, I just WANT to be sick of it. Really, I adore going out to La Charreada, ordering a margarita on the rocks while Matt orders it frozen, downing my margarita as soon as it comes and then starting on Matt's (he's driving, after all!), listening to the girls order the exact same thing every time ("Beef nachos, please!"), filling up on chips and salsa before my bean burrito arrives, people-watching the sorority girls and frat boys in their matching T-shirts. I adore Family Movie Night with our half bacon, half sun-dried tomato pizza from Pizza Express, the spicy cheese dipping sauce that nobody eats but me (mwa-ha-ha!), the nommy salty breadsticks, the plastic cups that make great paint cups for the kids.

But, of course, there's also the fact that every time an out-of-town guest comes by, we either take them out to La Charreada or order Pizza Express. If nothing else, THEY'RE probably getting sick of it!

Unsatisfied with leaving well enough alone, last week the girls and I made a family project of creating a restaurant log, using supplies given to us by Full Circle Crafts:

I made a card for every restaurant that we wanted to try (THIRTY!!! Considering that we budget one outside meal approximately every ten days, and that we still want to go to La Charreada sometimes, this should take us well more than a year to accomplish), and the girls, as you can tell, put a lot of work into the book with me:

 I really like these pockets that Willow did in Faber-Castell Pitt pens and watercolors:

Yes, buffets OBVIOUSLY deserve their own category:

Many of the "treat" places are, sneakily, coffeehouses:

Many of the breakfast places are townie dives that we STILL haven't visited, and I put the fancy restaurants in the "lunch" category, along with the lunch places, because they're (a little) cheaper then:

Along with giving us the supplies to create this book, Full Circle Crafts is also hosting a giveaway over at CAGW, and I REALLY want you to enter it!

The restaurant log is so far a success. Last night for Family Movie Night (Legend of the Guardians, since Will recently listened to the audiobooks of the first three books of that series), instead of ordering Pizza Express, we tried out Mother Bear's Pizza--chicken sausage pizza, cheesy breadsticks, spicy tomato dipping sauce, and two brownies.

Well, don't tell the kids that there were brownies. There were only two, after all...

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Tina said...

That restaurant guide is such a good idea.

Having to cut out wheat and dairy, it makes our restaurant choices even more limited. But I really want to try the 2 sushi places in town, so I think we need to make a restaurant guide.

Though we did find a pizza place that serves gluten free pizza, which we order as bread sticks and dip it into the gluten free chicken chili. Yum!