Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cactus Fruit

Sixth day of sewer blockage!!! Just so you know.

In the further interest of sharing our passion for exotic fruit, I present to you--

the cactus fruit

If you're wondering why my photos of our exotic fruit are always junk, it's because we have them in the late afternoon for dinner, when Matt's home to perform the honor of cutting the fruit in half--

and to help research what on earth he just cut in half, and to taste with us:

We weren't sure about this one. It was bright red inside but didn't have a lot of flavor. It also had tons of prickles on the outside that we were mostly able to avoid (not me, of course...). It takes a little of the fun out of it to realize that the reason why our cactus fruit was not delicious, probably, is that it's been shipped from who knows where who knows how long ago. Flavor peak of freshness, this is not.

So exotic produce is probably not going to be a regular purchase for our little Indiana family. But I tell you, whenever we do happen to visit some region that actually has cacti as part of its native flora, we WILL try cactus fruit again.

And, mental note, we will rub all of the prickles off first. Ouch!

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