Friday, February 22, 2013


Ice skating is a huge part of our lives in the winter. For four months, we're at the skating rink at least twice a week, once for the girls' skating class and the rest of the time for the lovely early afternoon public skating hours that the rink offers--I love anything that takes place while the majority of the world is at school or work!

Often we have the rink to ourselves during these early afternoons, but lately our homeschool group has been scheduling times to meet up there (and pay the group rate, yay!). I have been loving the chance to hang out with my friends when I'm not on the ice, and the girls have loved discovering that skating with a bunch of your friends is a whole different world from your average public skating session or skating class free-skate time. With a rink full of nothing but homeschoolers, the easy-going staff pretty much lets us play as we like--no confinement to skating counter-clockwise around the perimeter for us!

Their laces always come untucked. Yes, it DOES drive me nuts!

We're headed into the climax of the ice skating season next week, with daily rehearsals that will culminate in the Spring Ice Show that marks the last official on-ice event of the skating rink until next season. I wish that our rink was year-round, because Willow, especially, loves ice skating, and it's one of the few yearly extra-curriculars that she genuinely enjoys.

We do have a roller skating rink, however, and next month Willow is signed up to attend a workshop with the Junior Roller Derby in our town.

Her next extra-curricular, perhaps?


Tina said...

We haven't ventured into the world of skating yet. We may have to give roller skating a try this summer.

For a while I wanted to be a derby girl, but I worry that I would break too easily :0)

kirsten said...

Junior roller derby? Myou just blew my mind. I am so excited to hear how that goes! Why isn't the rink year round? Weird...

julie said...

I don't know anything about running a skating rink, but I always just imagined that maybe it's too expensive to keep it frozen during the warmer months? But the building just sits empty in the off-season, so I wish they'd try out keeping it open longer just once.

Back when Willow was a baby I REALLY wanted to do the Roller Derby, but before my life reached a place where I thought I could try it, I fell down the stairs one day and broke my tailbone, and now I do not want to do ANYTHING, ever, at ALL that would ever risk that kind of injury again! If it had been around when I was in college, now, I would have totally tried it. I tried out LOTS of weird spots in college!