Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Drawing and Painting

and a tutorial for remaking ugly scrapbooking chipboard into something that you'll actually use

I painted these particular pieces of chipboard in silver house paint and black chalkboard paint, and as I was working, Syd came over and asked for some chipboard that she could paint for her own, so I set her up with a drop-cloth of aluminum foil (you've got to use something that the paint won't stick to as it dries), and she proceeded to have herself a big time, only accidentally painting a couple of pieces of chipboard in the process:

In the end, as you can see, that chipboard was entirely forgotten for the greater pleasure of fingerpainting on aluminum foil and rubbing deliciously slippery paint around on one's hands, smooshing and squeezing and mixing two delightfully complementary colors.

My big girls have impressed me lately with these types of activities in which they've immersed themselves on our rainy, sleety, chilly, windy winter days, ranging from a giant indoor sandbox in a clear plastic bin on the kitchen floor, to a building block and toy animal zoo that took up the entire living room carpet for two days, to cooperative imaginary games that send them downstairs and back up, outdoors and inside again.

It's a huge relief to have them so happily involved, frankly, since I am astonished, appalled, and outraged to tell you that after an entire day of feeling all better after my weekend bout with the norovirus, I have again been feeling low and puny for the past couple of days. I daydream of warm, fresh air and mild breezes, and fresh-picked salad greens and local fruit. I'm starting to think that my immune system has just about cashed out for the season, and will no longer lift so much as a finger in my direction. 

Schoolwork for the past three or more weeks has consisted of lots of worksheets, memory work, and documentaries, activities that are easy for kids to do while their mother slumps wearily in the chair next to them, or just "closes her eyes for a minute" on the bed beside them. Willow has discovered that she genuinely likes word problems, and is getting exposed to some new math strategies as she solves them, and Sydney is getting very comfortable with adding multi-digit numbers using Base Ten blocks. Fortunately, we'd dialed down to the mammal class in science before my endless crud began, and so many afternoons can reasonably be spent in front of the nine-hour documentary The Life of Mammals.

This leaves the kiddos ample swaths of free time, for their games, and for Sydney to listen to audiobooks (we did all of Peter Pan just this week, and Syd was VERY interested in this alternate, not so flattering depiction of Tinkerbell), and for Willow to play this old-school version of Sid Meier's Civilization that she loves. I'm trying hard not to TRY so hard right now, if you know what I mean, which is very hard for me, because I hate introspection, and I hate not being productive, and I hate not getting things accomplished, and I hate sitting around all day.

And there, now you know a few more of my neuroses--isn't that fun?


Tina said...

Get well! Hopefully winter is about done and we can all start enjoying some yummy local veggies and fruit. Boost that immune system! We sometimes (once a week, or a few times a week if there is a lot going around) do shots of lemon juice with a few drops of vitamin D, as well as a bit of elderberry syrup added to it.

Truth be told, this is one of the few times our shot glasses see any action. Sometimes we'll use them to hold ketchup for the kiddo.

I have decided to compare homeschooling to a garden. Some times during the year it will flourish, bloom, and grow like crazy, but other times it needs to sit dormant. It will be interesting to watch it over the years to see if that comparison is really true, and if it actually follows the seasons.

julie said...

I've heard of the other supplements, but what does lemon juice do? Is it the Vitamin C?

Last night, trying to decide whether or not I should visit a doctor, Matt went to again and saw that it does say that some people can feel run-down for weeks after the flu is over, and can have a compromised immune system. It still sucks, but it's a huge comfort to know that at least it's normal-ish to be feeling so lousy still.

Tina said...

the lemon juice is mostly for the Vit. C, but also so Emma will drink it without complaint :0)

julie said...

Willow also swigs lemon juice happily. I might have to take my vitamins in a shot of tequila...