Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Still Life for Sydney

Yes, there really is all that magenta:

In their shared bedroom, each of the girls has one long shelf that is for her stuff alone. They put their favorite toys there, their favorite artwork, their favorite natural finds, their various little ribbons and medals, etc. Sydney also has quite a stash of make-up and jewelry on her shelf, but that's the subject of another post, sigh.

I recently wrote a review for Inca-Eco yarn for Crafting a Green World; I allowed Sydney to choose the color of yarn that we received, and since her choice, Wine, complemented not only the paint on that bedroom wall (and our tulips!) but many of Sydney's treasures, AND fit her own personal color palette so well, I wrapped her special shelf with the yarn to make a better display for treasures such as this:

It looks so nice (in my humble opinion), that I'm now officially on the garage sale/thrift store lookout for other yarns in which to wrap the rest of the girls' shelves.

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