Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Comfy New Desk Chair

I swear, I've been wanting to do this for years, and it just never happened. A mom friend borrowed the yoga ball for her pregnancy, and kept it to use with her babe while she was wee. We got it back deflated, and had misplaced the hand pump by then. We found the hand pump at some point, but had misplaced the yoga ball by then. Also, what to do with the giant office chair that already lived at the desk?

There was a room move (hey, THERE'S where we put the yoga ball!), a garage sale (goodbye, giant office chair!), and experiment with cheap-o metal folding chairs (ouch!), and finally, finally--

--my long-awaited yoga ball chair.

I'm in love for the following reasons:

  • It's comfy. It's vastly more comfy than the hard, chilly metal folding chair, and even more comfy than that giant office chair with the back that was a little too deep and the armrests that were a little too in the way.
  • It's active. I'm pretty heavy-set, and I'm always looking for ways to be more active. Bouncing a little, rolling a little, sitting up straight--it just feels better than shlumping in a chair.
  • It takes up MUCH less room. Just roll it under the table and boom--tidy!
  • The girlies love it. The yoga ball is more comfortable for them, too, and they're free to roll it off and play with it when I'm not using it, as long as they bring it right back to me when I need to sit at the desk.
It's getting a LOT of use, and so I really doubt that a yoga ball chair is ultimately going to be cheaper to own than that pricey office chair, because I've already resigned myself to the fact that an air-filled ball that gets this much use is bound to need regular replacing, but it's fun.

How fun is an office chair?

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