Monday, January 16, 2012

Dehydrated Orange Garland, Country-Style

I know, I know, it's so countrified that it kind of makes me wonder when I'm going to start cross-stitching ducks in bonnets, but still...

Pretty, right? The view straight out my study window in winter is, shall we say...unlovely--something about the next-door neighbors and my sinking suspicion that it's their bathroom window, uncurtained, that I'm staring directly into through the bare branches of the rose of Sharon that sits between our houses. I've gotten into the habit lately of putting some pretty things up in the study window, then, pretty things that can be taken down when the rose of Sharon flowers in the spring, pretty things that look especially pretty when placed in a window, such as this dehydrated orange garland that the girls and I made, so lovely to look at when back-lit by the morning sun:

Our house is naturally so dark that blocking a window at all seems almost criminal, but until we find our dream house one day, with many bright windows and lots of roses of Sharon but absolutely no neighbors for acres and acres, this will do.

Seriously, though, a little curtain in front of a bathroom window? That's not hard!


Miranda Jacobs said...

We're totally those neighbors, lol. We live in a little village of cottages, set 3 to a pod. I have sheer curtains in most of the downstairs windows, and the ones with window seats are bare. Which would be fine, but I leave a light on at night and certainly don't think twice about my underwear-clad stumble down to use the bathroom at night. I'm thinking of whipping up some roman blinds for those windows. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love this orange garland. Did you put the oranges in the oven? if so for how long and at what heat. I notice on crafting a green world they use a dehydrator - i don't have one (or know what it is!!) I still haven't done the melted wax crayon art yet but its on our list for 2012!