Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sydney Masters the Hundred Grid

We're big fans of the hundred grid around here--it's such a versatile math tool! You can use it to help you add and subtract, with skip counting, with coin calculations. Because Sydney likes puzzles, she also occasionally enjoys using our big laminated hundred grid with some overhead transparency number tiles that, even though I bought them at different times and places, happen to be exactly the same size--score!

I especially like the transparency of the overhead tiles, because if a child is still working on number recognition (and, as I learned while assisting Sydney through the most tedious three games of BINGO ever played at their 4-H club holiday party this week, we ARE still working on number recognition!), then that transparency allows instant self-correction.

During our most recent play with this board, I witnessed Sydney unlock one of the patterns implicit in the number grid. No more random seek-and-find for her--watch this girl go!

I was pretty thrilled that I was there to see it happen.

Syd has a lot of focus, and although she wearied a bit of the task near the end, she kept working, because she wanted to see it through:


Pretty proud kid, right?

We have an old garage sale BINGO set of our own, and I think that we'll be playing a lot of fun at-home BINGO games this week, because not only is Syd clearly ready for number recognition up to 100, but I'm not taking her near another BINGO party game until she has it down--geez Louise, what a nightmare!


Malke said...

Fabulous! :) I think I saw a bingo game at Goodwill the other day. Next time I see one I'm gonna get it!

Kathleen said...

What an adorable, bright little girl you have!!

It does look like matching to me.

If she is working on number recognition, 1-100 is a little much. She'd likely learn faster and more proficiently if you break it down into smaller steps.

She is not ready for regular Bingo. However, what she is ready for is Bingo with a smaller set of numbers, maybe 1-20 depending on where you think she is.

Reinforce them with some flashcards

You can make your own Bingo game. Maybe make about 8 cards. Throw some easy numbers in there.

She'll likely be pestering you to play!

Reading up on "readiness" might help, if you are not familiar with the concept.

I like Piaget, Montessori's philosophy. And whole language I found to be the most effective approach and the most fun.

Teacher Guides are often confusing insofar as the progression for little kids to learn is concerned. State standards are a mess! Sometimes I think the people designing the standards have never taught any kids.

But there are some terrific materials to be had at a Teacher's Store.

They might even have a more simplified Bingo game.

A Teach

julie said...

Oh, you definitely need BINGO, Malke--your kiddo would LOVE it!