Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tutorial: Liquid Watercolor Spray Paint

You'll need:

  • liquid watercolors
  • teeny-tiny travel-sized spritz bottles
  • masking tape and biiiiiiiiig paper
  • a day suitable for outdoor play
Pour liquid watercolors straight into your teeny-tiny travel-sized spritz bottles:
I know that some people water down their liquid watercolors, but I don't--I love those super-saturated colors that the straight watercolors will give you, and even undiluted, a bottle of liquid watercolor lasts approximately forever.

If you have an easel big enough to hold big paper, go ahead and mount your paper there. Otherwise, use masking tape to tape it at the top and bottom to a fence or a tree trunk or, if it's started raining all of a sudden, to the inside porch railing. 

All that's left to do after that is to spray paint!

This is an excellent activity for strengthening your kiddo's hands, by the way--pre-writing skill-building!

I love how the colors combine--so much more interesting than conventional spray paint, which I also let my babies use:

Masking tape is also a really kid-friendly material, easy for them to peel and tear off and stick, so it's fun to encourage the kiddo to make some custom masking tape reverse stencils: 

--which you can then spray paint around:

When you're finished, peel off the masking tape--

--and pose with your masterpiece!

It's a star and the earth and outer space, says Syd.

We used:

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