Friday, September 23, 2011

The Sweetest Bake Stand on the Block

Yep, they did it all:

They shopped for the ingredients.

They read the recipes (well, the older one did, anyway).

They set the oven temperature.

They did the baking.

I poked the skewers.

They did the decorating.

They helped Daddy build the stand.

They wrote the sign.

They sold cookie wands and s'mores cupcakes to our hapless garage sale shoppers at $1 each:

Next year, I'll guide them into something simpler than the s'mores cupcakes, since nobody really wanted to buy a gigantically messy, marshmallow-frosted, Hershey bar decorated cupcake at a garage sale, although a couple of parents did get tricked into it. The cookie wands were a hit, however, and the girls were absolutely thrilled with the twelve dollars they earned in just a few hours (hee!) of labor.

So thrilled that they barely even noticed all those toys of theirs that got sold--shh!

We used this book for the cookie wands:


...sarah. said...

How sneaky! And fun! I'll never tell....

April's Homemaking said...

What fun, I let my kids have a stand at our garage sale when they were little, they loved it!