Monday, August 15, 2011

Letters to the Grandparents

Syd prefers to dictate her letters to me. I write them, a sentence or two at a time, onto one of our lined dry erase boards (one of my best homeschool purchases, by the way), and then she copies them onto regular notebook paper:
I'm impressed that her fine motor skills are advanced enough to allow her to use regular notebook paper. Will, who's nearly two years older (but also dislikes writing by hand), still requires the extremely wide-ruled handwriting paper that Syd would probably be asked to use if she was enrolled in someone's else's kindergarten.
Although I write out Syd's letters as she dictates them, I have NO responsibility for their content:

Willow prefers to type hers (thanks to that typing study!), using invented spelling and her favorite fanciful font:

As for me, I'm a handmade card with a note inside kind of gal:

At least I don't ask for giant ponies.


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