Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Balance Scale

The best way to introduce the girls to a tool like the balance scale without having to, you know, INTRODUCE them to it is to just leave it out enticingly on the table, all the little brass weights that go with it shiny and bright in the sun, and then to simply ignore it.

Little girls will weigh their shoes in it.

They will use it to compare their breakfast smoothies, to see who got more.

All the toy ponies in the house will ride in it.

It will be an all-encompassing activity at playdates:

And eventually it will be put away, and its coveted spot on the coffee table will be replaced by, I don't know...the microscope? Stethoscope? Watercolor pencils?

Decreeing the next week's new obsession is a heady power!

Here are the brass weights that we use, when we're not weighing ponies and coffee cups and LEGOs:


Tina said...

We love our balance scale, and ponies, as well :)

I like the idea of have a spot where "new" things appear each week. Might have to look to see if we can make a spot like that...

Stephanie said...

Ha! We had ours out just a couple of days ago, too. :)